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Yacht & Boat Modifications

   Want to gain some much-needed extra speed or simply don't like the way something looks? We have the answers for you.

   With our vast array of in-house activities, we can cater to all your modification requirements. Some of the modifications that we regularly do on yachts and boats are as follows:

- Stainless Steel/Canvas Shade manufacture and installation 

- All kinds of Stainless steel and aluminum fabrication (Fuel tanks, water tanks, arcs, barriers, etc.)

- Fiberglass Arc/Components manufacture and installation 

- Modification of existing fiberglass components/structures         

- Alteration of rear section of yacht to accomodate different propulsion system

  (E.g. switching from regular shaft/propeller propulsion system to Surface drive or vice versa).

- Reinforcement and modification of transom to support larger and more powerful outboard engines.  

- Alteration of transom & engine installation to gain more speed.

- Teak deck installations.

- Bowthruster/Sternthruster installations.

- Conversion of manual to Hydraulic systems.

All kinds of interior and exterior modifications.  

Catamaran New Aft 1
Catamaran New Aft 2
Catamaran New Aft 3
Bow thruster installation
Antenna Cover Modification
Teak Installation 1
Teak Installation 2
New Dashboard
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